Oversized Quilted Bag - Glow



This exclusive one-and-only handmade oversized quilted bag is produced of deadstock fabrics for a high-end look.

This tote quilted bag is handmade with an inner pocket and matched colour appliques.

Oversized bag - Large space for all the daily essentials. Whether it's work, shopping, weekends, or traveling, this bag can meet all the needs of the scene, which can hold your laptop/tablet, A4 files, books, magazines, wallet, water glass, sun hat, clothes as well as many accessories.

Upcycling is required as a substitute for the production of new goods in order to meet rising consumer needs. The whole producing process requires energy, creativity, and resources to gather, sort, and process the deadstock materials to bring them a new life.  


H: 67cm

W: 68cm

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